Kief Leaf is Awesome!

I highly recommend their products, I have tried the edibles for my daughter and then I myself tried the utopia purple pheno and it works great for me and it is instant, I use the CBD oil for maintenance and then the utopia for breakthrough, pain and anxiety are diminished greatly, And Don was super helpful and very knowledgeable about the products – it’s the Best place to go in the Oklahoma City metro area for your instant needs.

– Heather Darty, Oklahoma City

Proven Results!

I would recommend Kief Leaf CBD to adults and kids if it is proven to give positive results then I’m all for it! Hopefully, it will be great for asthmatics as well and diabetics.

– DeAtley Brenda, Oklahoma City

Very Knowledgeable

Really knowledgeable about their products with great prices!

– Robby McClure, Oklahoma City

Knowledgeable & Honest

I havent had the chance to meet Jordan, but I have known Don for a while and know that he is knowledgeable and honest. When he told me to come in and we will discuss what I need and to treat what for and how to treat it. I ended up buying the oil and cream. I have severe arthritis in my lower back, hips, and right big toe and severe hip dysplasia. After standing long hours, body stiff, in pain and severe inflammation I put some of the cream on. Its has an icy hot feel but after 15 min the swelling in my big toe was completely gone. No pain in my hips. I had mobility that I have never see since high school. Usually I would have to take a pain pill but I havent had to after using the cream. I highly recommend going and talking to Don. He is also a registered nurse.

– Brandon Matkin, Oklahoma City