Buying CBD Oil in Oklahoma City

Buy CBD Oil in Oklahoma City
Buying CBD oil in Oklahoma City can be a daunting task. There are many CBD establishments — physical and online stores — from which to make a purchase. A look at CBD stores on Yelp showed a store with the tag-line “CBD, Home Décor, Used & Vintage Consignment” and another “CBD, Juice Bars, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply”. CBD can be purchased at many vape shops and convenience stores. You can also find CBD wholesale companies on Craigslist. One Oklahoma City grocery chain recently started selling CBD oil. One must wonder if their pharmacy experienced a drop in opioid pharmaceutical sales, and decided to sell what people are buying? There are many chain or franchise stores in the Metro that sell CBD exclusively, and CBD can be purchased at most medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma City.

Searching for a CBD store

How do you choose where to purchase CBD? Do you search “CBD stores near me” or “best source for CBD oil” or similar phrase? Are you comfortable purchasing online, where you most likely cannot ask any questions to learn about products? Do you feel comfortable buying CBD oil from someone who sells it as a sideline? Or, do you prefer to make in-person purchases from stores with a friendly and knowledgeable staff?

Oil vs. water?

After deciding to buy CBD, you must make a choice between fat-soluble CBD or water-soluble CBD. Stores selling one and not the other may tend to talk down the products of their competitors. Water-soluble CBD is extolled for its bioavailability in our bodies while oil-based CBD is touted as best because our cannabinoid receptors are lipid, or fat-based. As a consumer, you deserve to have honest information about the difference between the two, and which type is considered best for the condition you are addressing.


Caveat emptor or buyer beware! After a cursory look at websites, facebook pages, and literature from CBD stores in the Metro, you are sure to notice all manner of claims. These may include “we’re the premier source of CBD in the area” or “we have the best CBD in Oklahoma City”. These types of claims are known in the advertising industry as puffery, or an exaggerated or false praise. Selecting the type of CBD product right for you should be based on unbiased information including purity and concentration lab tests and information about the most effective type, dose, and consumption methods. Being able to discuss your needs, and learning the best way to incorporate CBD into your wellness journey, gives you the confidence to select products that meet your expectations. Deciding between flower, vape, topical or edible CBD should be based on actual science and experience, not on claims of simply being the best.


KIEF LEAF CBD is a patient-first CBD dispensary, meaning we first learn about your situation in a compassionate consultation before we suggest any product. We listen, not to sell, but to help you figure out the best CBD product for you. As best we can learn, we are the only RN owned and operated CBD store in Oklahoma City. We pride ourselves in offering accurate information, quality products, and a friendly place to discuss your needs and to celebrate your results. Kief Leaf makes buying CBD oil in Oklahoma City easy, affordable, and trusted to have your best interest at heart.